An installation on two walls, a large window, and a section of floor at the end of a hallway. There are wallpapered elements in geometric patterns on all surfaces. A rug hangs vertically on the back wall and there are two sculpted pillars on the floor at waist height.

Let’s deepen the understanding of our shared humanity.

In the hands of artists, the intellectual understanding of injustice comes to life in story, song, movement, images, and objects.

Art is a powerful ally in the fight for social justice. It gives voice to the unheard and visibility to the marginalized. This understanding is central to the work of the Ford Foundation, and to the vision of the Ford Foundation Gallery.

In this space, we shine a light on artwork that wrestles with difficult questions, calls out injustice, and points the way toward a more fair and just future.

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The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

​Located at 320 East 43rd Street in New York City, the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice is a hub for social good and the courageous people who devote their lives to achieving it.