In 11 regions across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America, we work to make a global impact on the systems and structures that perpetuate inequality. We approach our grant making holistically, aiming to make connections between local efforts and global change so that the whole of our work is more than the sum of its parts.

Our international programs

Our international grant making is grounded in a global vision, and responsive to local and national contexts. This enables us to build synergy across regions, create stronger connections between local and global efforts, and make a broad, meaningful impact.

Civic Engagement and Government

We believe that meaningful civic engagement is an antidote to inequality, with rich potential to empower underrepresented and marginalized people and communities to raise their voices, claim space, influence decisions that affect them, and hold governments to account. In the current global order, civic space and civil society are both under threat. Our work is to help them thrive.

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Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice

Despite significant progress, structural inequality based on gender, race, class, disability, and ethnicity persists around the world. But today’s challenging realities have helped fuel vibrant new leaders and movements that are engaging in innovative advocacy, forging unexpected alliances, and reframing narratives. Our work is to support courageous people and organizations in their efforts to harness this collective energy for political and social change that is humane, and lasting.

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Natural Resources and Climate Change

We support efforts to help rural communities gain more secure rights over land and forests, especially for indigenous peoples, racial and ethnic minorities, and women. We seek to improve natural resource governance, challenge irresponsible natural resource extraction, promote more equitable resource-related fiscal and tax policies, and curtail illicit financial flows. We also support efforts to promote climate change policies and investments that benefit rural and indigenous communities.

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Technology and Society

In addition to these three key areas of focus, all regions work with our Technology and Society program to advance more equitable and inclusive technology systems, policies, and norms, and to build the technical expertise of groups in other social justice fields.

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