The Ford Foundation convenes audiences for events and conversations that advance our vision of social justice—a world in which all individuals, communities, and peoples work toward the protection and full expression of their human rights; are active participants in the decisions that affect them; share equitably in the knowledge, wealth, and resources of society; and are free to achieve their full potential.

You can find information and registration for Ford Foundation’s upcoming public events below. If you’re interested in the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice event space, please visit our information page.

Current exhibition

AI-generated portrait, set within a pattern of orange and blue dots and lines. A person with light skin and black hair wearing a black and silver-patterned cap seems to have multiple AI-generated arms. Their hands appear to be holding orange and white-swirled orbs.


What Models Make Worlds: Critical Imaginaries of AI

Upcoming events

There are no events currently scheduled.