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Holding fast to our shared humanity

We must act with urgency and agility, in a way that catalyzes the good works of others. And this is why Ford Foundation is proud to provide grants to both Jewish- and Palestinian-led efforts—because the long road to relief, to rebuilding, to reconciliation of any kind begins with both peoples.

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Collage of women's facial features.

The Unfinished Business of Gender Equality

Advancing the rights of women and girls is one of the most critical tasks of the 21st century. Hilary Pennington, executive vice president for program, shares how the intrepid individuals and organizations Ford supports are pushing the boundaries of possibility to build a future where all individuals have the power and opportunity to shape their…

Collage of women leaders
Big Ideas

Changing the Game for Women and Girls

For nearly 60 years, we have walked alongside our fearless grantees, past and present, as they built movements, fought for laws to be put into place, and shifted the global conversation around gender. They have taught us how to be a smarter, more effective foundation and, together, we are working to make equality possible.

Demonstrators holding signs advocating for the stop of gender-based violence in South Africa.

Ending gender-based violence in South Africa, one march at a time

After #TheTotalShutdown women’s march brought international attention to gender-based violence in South Africa, its organizers forged an unprecedented collaboration with the country’s president. The path forward hasn’t been easy, but the women behind the movement are determined to see progress made.

A collage of miners, women workers and survivors of sexual assault in Zimbabwe.

Examining extractivism’s gendered violence and honoring the women fighting for change

In its new landscape analysis, “Building Power in Crisis,” The Sage Fund explores how extractivism disproportionately affects women and girls and proposes bold solutions for ending an economic system propped up by patriarchal power structures.

Collage of demonstrators and athletes standing for women's equal pay. Sandgrain and sky blue are the main spots of color.

Fair play: Why centering gender is the only way to end inequality

There’s no fast fix to ending gender inequality, but we know where to start. When we unearth the root causes of this oppression—and understand that it is not created equal—we will create programs and practices that disrupt dehumanizing power and privilege and build a better, more just world for everyone.

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Big Ideas

The Future Is Hers

Around the world, women have become an unstoppable force. They are rewriting the rules, redefining power, and reimagining what equality looks like. With their collective power, anything is possible. Inequality will be a thing of the past—the future is hers.

Disability demands justice.

There Is No Justice Without Love

There are one billion people living with disabilities who experience inequality in all its forms. To build a world where everyone is equal, we need to recognize how disability intersects with social justice and work together to create a future of opportunity for all.

 Light green collage of people installing a solar charging station, children interacting with a large digital tablet and internet related motifs and symbols.

Need for speed: How affordable, accessible broadband internet disrupts inequality

Investment in broadband internet can end the digital divide and disrupt inequality